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intelligent strategies for sustainability
Enterprise Sustainability Solutions
Sustainability Trends and Impacts

Enterprise Solutions Group

According to recent surveys, 93% of CEOs believe sustainability issues will be critical to the future success of their companies, yet only 28% leverage sustainability to reach new customers and new markets. 88% of CEOs agree sustainability should be embedded throughout their supply chains, yet only 54% believe their companies are already doing so.

How does this significant performance gap impact companies? Higher costs, foregone markets, brand degradation, stakeholder pushback, disaffected employees, lower profitability and decreased competitiveness ó just to name a few ways.

Sustainability ó the intersection of economic, social and environmental prosperity for all ó is increasingly shaping the management agenda. Even so, most businesses still struggle to assess risks, understand opportunities and implement solutions to make their organizations more competitive through sustainability initiatives.

The Brightworks Enterprise Solutions Group believes that an organizationís ability to thrive in this intersection will determine its long-term success. Itís a belief born from experience. We have a track record of have delivering results for global organizations that capture the business opportunities in sustainability.

We help clients address clarity, capacity and commitment around sustainability initiatives.


Our in-depth assessment process helps organizations understand the risks and opportunities for their business and aligns leadership on the best path forward.


We help organizations build the capabilities they need to develop, lead and implement lasting solutions.


We engage a broad range of stakeholders to create and solidify internal and external buy-in to our clientsí sustainability platforms.

Sustainability Trends and Impacts

Delivering Results

Combining decades of experience, Brightworks team members help businesses negotiate complex sustainability challenges and produce concrete results. Some examples of our teamís achievements include:

  • Identified a net $2 million cashflow from a sustainability audit and energy efficiency analysis.
  • Conducted an impact assessment for a government agency with existing sustainability goals that made their current progress clear and recommended realistic projects to achieve their targets.
  • Facilitated over 80 stakeholders to create a campus-wide sustainability plan for a major educational institution that has earned recognition as a model for universities across the nation.
  • Identified attractive employee benefits and tripled the required greenhouse gas emissions reductions for a U.S. government agency, which reduced harmful pollution, employee turnover and costs.
  • Developed a strategic sustainability plan for a large architectural firm's internal operations that created a strong platform for their external sustainability services to compete in the marketplace.