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Brightworks Sustainability

As biodiversity creates resilience in an ecosystem, the strength of an organization scales exponentially with the breadth of skills, background and experiences of its team members.

Brightworks’ core capabilities draw from professional training in architecture, engineering, business finance and management, environmental science, urban planning, law, Biomimicry, and carbon strategies. Additionally, our team's expertise in project management, group facilitation and strategic and operational planning assures you will have the most capable partner to support your projects.


Chris Forney, Principal
Josh Hatch, Principal
Rita Haberman, Senior Project Manager
Lena Ashby, Project Manager
Shilpa Surana, Energy Analyst
Cindy Sundborg, Project Manager
Leilanie Bruce, Project Manager
Rachel Hamburger, Project Coordinator


Heath Blount, Principal
Jesus Bendezu, Project Manager
Lauren Fakhoury, Project Coordinator
Raisa Saif, Project Coordinator

Los Angeles

Brandon G. Sprague, Principal, Business Development Director
Melanie Bontusa, Project Manager
Kanika Sharma, Energy Analyst, Project Coordinator

Operations Staff

Stephanie Jernstrom, Financial Manager
Janell Eckes, HR and Operations Administrator