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intelligent strategies for sustainability

Brightworks currently manages nearly one hundred projects throughout the US and overseas with construction value of several billion dollars.

Our work includes large infrastructure-scale and master plan projects, university and corporate campuses and stand-alone building projects of all types and sizes.

Goyang New Town and University Campus

Sustainability integrates ecology, social patterns and economic prosperity, and is realized most effectively at the watershed and community scale. In Goyang, South Korea, Brightworks conducted a resource assessment and developed master planning concepts for a 7,000-acre and 250,000-citizen new town for a visionary program of sustainable mid-density residential development and high-density urban centers. The team conceptualized two district combined heat and power plants fed by organics, used oil, and sewage as well as photovoltaic lined highways and building-integrated solar thermal arrays. Together the energy system will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 72 percent and methane off-gassing by 100 percent.

Brightworks also conceptualized a city-wide natural water conveyance and fi ltration system to cleanse receiving waters to the Han River, which has long battled urban and agricultural pollution. Streams and wetlands connect buildings with superblocks and transportation corridors into a complex network that also supports recreational activities such as boating, walking, and bicycling.