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intelligent strategies for sustainability

Brightworks currently manages nearly one hundred projects throughout the US and overseas with construction value of several billion dollars.

Our work includes large infrastructure-scale and master plan projects, university and corporate campuses and stand-alone building projects of all types and sizes.

Kendall Toyota of Eugene

The First LEED Platinum Auto Dealership in the World

This 58,074 square foot showroom, sales and parts building features a range of energy-saving strategies including insulation well beyond that required by the building code, special service bay doors designed to quickly open and shut, extensive daylighting and occupancy controls to automatically dim or turn off lights in unoccupied spaces or spaces receiving ample sunlight, and a 200 kilowatt solar array on the roof. These features contributed to energy savings of over 58 percent and energy cost reductions of over 60 percent, a projected value of $69,233 annually.

A combination of water saving measures, including waterless urinals, dual flush toilets and low flow faucets and shower heads, yielded water efficiency savings of over 51 percent over 130,000 gallons per year. Additionally, 100 percent of the irrigation water required and a portion of the car wash water is provided by collected rainwater stored in two salvaged and refurbished cisterns. Drought tolerant landscaping and irrigation strategies also contributed towards exterior water use reduction. Throughout construction, material waste was reduced and over 99 percent of all waste was recycled with less than 1 percent going to the landfill.