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intelligent strategies for sustainability

Brightworks currently manages nearly one hundred projects throughout the US and overseas with construction value of several billion dollars.

Our work includes large infrastructure-scale and master plan projects, university and corporate campuses and stand-alone building projects of all types and sizes.

Boora Office

Oregon's Second LEED Platinum Commercial Office Space

Work on the space included restoring operability to windows that had been nailed shut for years to encourage natural daylighting and passive ventilation, which they combined with a super-efficient HVAC system. Electric lighting loads were reduced by over 35% when compared with a conventional design, as some days the daylight is so abundant that overhead lighting can remain off throughout the work day.

The project also focused on material reuse, recycling and local purchasing. Prior to renovation, Portland's ReBuilding Center was invited to inspect the space for reusable materials, and then completed an intensive, two day deconstruction and hand-disassembly process to reuse furniture, casework, light fixtures, and hardwood paneling for new projects. This strategy contributed to the project achieving a 90% diversion of construction waste from area landfills. Local materials made up nearly 40% of new construction materials were manufactured within 500 miles of the project, significantly reducing the transportation impacts of materials while also supporting Northwest businesses.