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intelligent strategies for sustainability

Brightworks currently manages nearly one hundred projects throughout the US and overseas with construction value of several billion dollars.

Our work includes large infrastructure-scale and master plan projects, university and corporate campuses and stand-alone building projects of all types and sizes.

Brewery Block 1: Whole Foods

Certified LEED Silver

Part of the 5-city block Brewery Blocks urban redevelopment on the site of the old Blitz Weinhard brewery in Northwest Portland's Pearl District. Brightworks took on management of the LEED programs for Block 1, Block 2 (Cellar House), and Block 4 (M Financial) midway through the development process.

Block 1's Whole Foods building is the site of the Brewery Blocks development's district water chiller, an innovative development solution that allows greater efficiency than traditional cooling systems and provides water for air conditioning to all the Brewery Blocks. Energy and water savings strategies and a transit-friendly and development-dense location contributed to the certification of Block 1, which won the Portland Mayor's Award for Design Excellence in 2002.